• What can be the conditions for backing?
    On full backing, the player's profit share is 50%. If the player buyouts part of the buy-in, then the conditions are following:
    • buyout 10% — player's share in total profit 55%
    • buyout 20% — player's share in total profit 60%
    • buyout 30% — player's share in total profit 65%
    • buyout 40% — player's share in total profit 70%
    • buyout 50% — player's share in total profit 75%
  • What is included in the package?
    MTT tournaments played within the limits. Rakeback, chests, deposit bonuses, and other prizes from the rooms are not included in the package; the player receives them in full.
  • What happens if my financial result is negative?
    The project is interested in the player achieving positive results, so every effort will be made to help the player in the downstreak. We will provide the player with mental training, additional individual and group coaching sessions and the support of a coach.
Training, coaching, limits

  • What level will I be placed at?
    Initial limits are usually set at levels where players show positive results. After being enrolled in the project, the starting limits can be reviewed during the initial training.
  • Where do the coaching sessions take place?
    Coaching sessions take place via Zoom, Discord servers, and the SV poker website. The duration of each coaching session is 2+ hours.
  • What other educational tools are there in the project?
    • Individual approach
    • We offer you the opportunity to use the latest software to improve your game.
    • We will create a personal SV poker account for you — another tool to help you improve your game.

  • Can MTTs be combined with other disciplines? Can I work offline?
    Only MTTs can be played. The project expects players to dedicate a lot of time to both working on the game and playing the game itself. Another discipline or offline work wouldn't fit into such a tight schedule.
  • What do I need to do to sign a contract?
    Submit an application and await a response. Not having issues with poker rooms and payment systems. Not having reputation problems within the poker community.
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